Pay Bills

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Smart’s online bills payment facility?
  • What postpaid service can I pay through Smart’s online bills payment?
  • Can I pay a Smart account that is not under my name?
  • Where can I find Smart’s online bills payment?
  • Do I need to register before I can make a payment?
  • When will the payment be posted i the Smart Postpaid account?
  • How do I request for reversal of payment or credit card refund?
A: Smart’s online bills payment is a web based bills payment channel of Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) that allows you to pay any Smart postpaid account via secure online credit card payment and have the payment posted to your account on real time.
A: You may pay any Smart Gold, Smart Bro, Infinity and Red Mobile Retail / Individual accounts.
A: Yes, you can pay a postpaid account in the service, even if it is not under your name as long as the mobile number is linked to your My Smart account.
A: You need to register and login via, to be able to access the payment channel.
A: Yes, you will be required to register online in Smart’s online bills payment before you can make a payment.
A: Confirmed payment is posted real time, unless there is a system maintenance or service downtime, where payment will be credited within next business day.
A: You may contact us through to request for reversal or credit card refund.